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The Best Unofficial Elden Ring Merch You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco

You can’t get enough of Elden Ring. It’s been a year, but you still can’t stop talking about it, and you’re looking for new ways to make sure everyone knows how obsessed with it you are. Don’t worry. We’ve got you.

From Software doesn’t go big on merchandise. But when there’s so much unofficial tat out in the world, it really doesn’t matter. We’ve scoured Amazon and found some of the best Elden Ring-themed merchandise that exists on this tarnished planet of ours. And it’s all available to buy with your Earthly currency. You no longer need to keep reminding your friends and family that you’re obsessed with Elden Ring. The stuff you own can do it for you.

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Elden Ring Miniature Sword Display

Elden Ring merch sword display

Each of these swords is about nine inches long, so you can’t exactly go out fighting revenants with them. But they will look fantastic on your desk. And they may be useful for opening letters and scratching your back with. Unconfirmed. [$52.99]

Buy Elden Ring miniature sword display

Elden Ring 9-Keychain Set

Elden Ring merch keyring set

Why have one Elden Ring keychain when you can have nine Elden Ring keychains? Made from alloy, you can add these keychains to your car keys, your bag, your front door key, your back door key – just about anywhere you want. [$30]

Buy Elden Ring 9 keychain set

‘Radahn Festival’ Metal Poster

Elden Ring Radahn Festival poster

What if Elden Ring was a rock festival instead of a video game? That’s what this metal poster – measuring 8 inches by 12 inches – wants you to imagine. Featuring acts such as Alexander the Warrior Jar, The Tarnished and special guest Leonard. Front row access, please. [$15.76]

Buy ‘Radahn Festival’ poster

Elden Ring sticker collection

Elden Ring merch stickers

You’ve already got Elden Ring keychains attached to everything you can think of. Now it’s time to stick Elden Ring stickers to every flat surface, too. There are 50 stickers in this bundle, some of actual characters, and some of cartoon interpretations of the game. Even a few memes by the looks of it. Perfect for decorating laptops, gadgets, water bottles and walls. Or yourself. [$7.99]

Buy Elden Ring sticker collection

Malenia cosplay outfit

She’s one of the fiercest bosses in Elden Ring and now you can become her. We’re rather obsessed with this Malenia cosplay outfit, which comes with just about every accessory you could need: along with the dress and cape, you’ll get gloves, jewellery, leg coverings and more. The helmet’s not included, though, which is a bit rude. [$189.99]

Buy Malenia cosplay outfit

Elden Ring blanket

Elden ring merch blanket

Who doesn’t love being warm and cosy? Grab a mug of cocoa (in an Elden Ring-themed travel mug, of course), get snuggled under this Elden Ring-themed blanket, and get playing your favourite game. It’s available in two sizes, but we’d go for the largest – 60 inches by 50 inches – so you’ve got plenty of snuggle room. [$29.66]

Buy Elden Ring blanket

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