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Viking VR Rhythm Game Ragnarock Brings the Noise to PSVR2

Got a PlayStation VR2 and a taste for heavy metal? Ragnarock could be right up your viking galley.

Ragnarock, which is also available on Quest, Pico, Viveport and PC VR, is a rhythm game, which sees you hammering your way through a wealth of heavy rock. Runes rush towards you and you’ve got to smash them with hammers in time with the music, as you do. The faster and more accurately you smash the runes, the faster your viking ship goes.

That might sound like fun but what’s really notable about Ragnarock is its tracklist. The included songs are actual heavy metal tracks that haven’t just been whipped up for the game. There’s pirate metal from Alestorm, viking rock from Saltatio Mortis and more.

The PSVR2 version is out right now and, like the other versions, supports up to 6 players. There are over 30 songs included, which you can find listed here, plus you can purchase additional tracks. Sadly, there’s no Lordi but we’ll assume developer WanadevStudio will correct that as soon as humanly possible.

Ragnarock is available via the PlayStation Store and will require both a PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR2 headset. It’s priced at £19.99 and supports sitting and standing play. And if you’ve yet to get your hands on a PlayStation VR 2, check out our review here.

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