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Like a Dragon Ishin review

What Difficulty Should You Play Like a Dragon: Ishin! On?

It’s taken nearly ten years, but Like a Dragon: Ishin! is finally available in the west thanks to a remake.

Taking players back to 18th century Japan, Like a Dragon: Ishin! is a bit of a departure for the series. Out are streets littered with neons sign and arcades filled with electronic games; here they’re replaced with more humble establishments and basic ways of passing time such as chicken races. There are sword fights, too, though you can still give ruffians a pummelling with your fists if you like. But as ever, if you’re just starting to play Like a Dragon: Ishin!, you might be wondering which difficulty you should select.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! has multiple difficulties you can select right from the start. If you want to focus on the game’s story or aren’t all that confident about combat, Easy is a good place to start. It makes most combat encounters a piece of cake, though some bosses might give you a run for your money. For most players, however, Normal is the best option. This offers a decent challenge, making players more inclined to engage with the various systems designed to provide player growth.

For those who want a challenge, Hard difficulty is a decent step up. But if you’re someone who’s into getting achievements or trophies, you might be better off seeing how you fare with Legend mode. It’s difficult, for sure, but there’s an achievement or trophy for completing the game’s story on Legend if you can manage it. Once you’ve beaten Like a Dragon: Ishin! another difficulty becomes available, too. Ishin! difficulty is strictly for the brave and the insanely skilled.

What’s important to remember is that you can change the difficulty by going into the settings menu at any time. So, start on the difficulty that you feel is right for you then adjust it as necessary.

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