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What Difficulty Should You Play Scars Above On?

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If you’re just starting to play Scars Above, you’ll be met with the question most games ask you at the outset: what difficulty would you like to play on?

There are three difficulty levels for you to choose from in Scars Above: Rookie, Specialist and Commander. As you’d expect from their names, they basically equate to easy, normal and hard.

With Scars Above being somewhat inspired by the likes of Dark Souls, its combat can be challenging at times and if you die you’re taken back to your last resting point, in this case an Alien Pillar. They’re often quite far apart, though, and with the combat in the game not particularly being the best element about it, we’d actually recommend most players to pick Rookie difficulty.

Those who do want a challenge, however, are good to go with Specialist difficulty. Or even Commander if they have lots of patience and want to extend their Scars Above playing time. They’re both hard to fully recommend, though, as the game can feel a little cheap at times.

In any case, with the difficulty being changeable at any time by simply going into the options menu, it’s fine to start on the one you think is right for you then adjust accordingly. And there are no difficulty-related achievements or trophies in Scars Above, either. So those who care about such things aren’t forced to go out of their comfort zones.

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