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90s Cartoon Toxic Crusaders is Getting the Beat-Em-Up Treatment

Toxic Crusaders

The Toxic Crusaders are back in an all new beat-em-up! You know.. stars of the 1990s cartoon?

We don’t blame you if you’re drawing a blank because, as memorable as its theme tune was, the Toxic Crusaders only ever got one series. It was an odd shift in gear for studio Troma which, up until that point, had only put out adult-oriented movies. The Toxic Avenger himself was hardly PG, ripping someone’s guts out at the conclusion of his first movie.

But the series developed a cult following as well as spawning its own merchandise. And now it’s back as side-scrolling beat-em-up, with Toxie and friends kicking polluters in the face. It’s being developed and published by Retroware, with Troma’s support and, we have to admit, the trailer has left us grinning.

It’ll feature seven brightly-coloured levels and will let up to four players play at once. However, there’ll be more than four characters to choose from, including Toxie himself and.. Toxie’s mum? Yes, she’s in there as well. Plus, it’s set to feature cameos from other Troma characters and properties including Poultrygeist and Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD.

We’ve also got our fingers crossed that Sgt. Kabukiman will come to the game as a playable character, maybe as DLC. The Toxic Avenger aside, he’s one of Troma’s best characters but the company didn’t really capitalise on him as far as its movies went.

The Toxic Crusaders will launch this year on, PC, PlayStation, Switch and Xbox. You can check out the trailer above and wishlist it on Steam here.

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