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Afterdream, a Camera-Assisted Horror Outing, is Getting a Console Release

Afterdream, which sees you roaming a lucid nightmare, is now coming to PC and console.

Afterdream is the latest from Jesse Makkonen, maker of the rather excellent Distraint duology and Heal. And, as recently revealed, it’s netted both a PC and console publisher. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that PC publisher Gamera Games isn’t actually run by a giant, towering turtle monster. So that’s all our “Gamera is friend to children” gags right out of the window. As for console publishing, that’s being handled by Feardemic.

Both companies have a respectable number of titles under their belt. Feardemic, for example, published the console version of  DARQ: Complete Edition. And while Feardemic or Makkonen have yet to confirm which platforms Afterdream will grace, a PlayStation, Xbox and Switch release seems likely.

If you’ve yet to play Afterdream, you can download a 15 minute demo from Steam. We’ve dabbled in the demo and, while it’s reminiscent of Distraint, the camera mechanic is pleasingly unsettling. Instead of snapping ghosts, a la Fatal Frame, you use it to reveal doors and other oddities.

Afterdream doesn’t have a precise release date as yet, though it’s set to arrive sometime this year. In the meantime, if you haven’t played any of Makkonen’s other works, his previous three games are on sale via Steam for a ridiculous £2.69 the lot.

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