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Sons of the Forest

Are There Any Spiders in Sons of the Forest?

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Sons of the Forest‘s island doesn’t quite qualify as jungle but there’s plenty of wildlife. So are there any spiders in Sons of the Forest?

If you’re arachnophobic then spiders in a game can be a bit of a deal breaker. Well, we’ve got bad news for you. Sons of the Forest does contain spiders, though they’re not actually hostile or hazardous.

Playing Sons of the Forest, you’ll frequently see cobwebs, woven between the trees in the game’s forested areas. These are essentially scenery and while you can’t (currently) remove them, it’s rare that you’ll find any spiders in them.

However, when you start collecting items for crafting you may well run into spiders. Part of crafting and building is collecting rocks. Sometimes, when you lift a rock, you’ll see spiders scurry from underneath it.

This has only ever happened to us down at the beach, when were picking up the sandy coloured rocks. But that’s not to say it couldn’t, later, occur elsewhere. It may be that, after a later patch, spiders appear from under random rocks wherever you are.

The good news is these spiders just scurry off and don’t attack you – they’re pretty small, in fact. However, if you’ve got a dislike or fear of spiders, you should know that yes, Sons of the Forest does have spiders.

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