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Can You Build a Big Bonfire in Sons of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest lets you build fires, both for light and for cooking purposes. But can you go all out and build a really big bonfire?

If you’ve played the prequel to Sons of the Forest, The Forest, you might remember building really big bonfires. You might also recall really regretting the decision because it acted like a red light to the game’s cannibals. But can you build a big bonfire in Sons of the Forest? Here’s the answer.

No, you can’t build a big bonfire in Sons of the Forest, though bonfires could be added later. The biggest fire you can build right now is a reinforced one, with stones all around the edge. There’s no option in Sons of the Forest that lets you build a bonfire right now, even if you try to build one piece by piece.

We say “right now” because the game is in Steam Early Access. It’s entirely possible that a later update will add the ability to build bonfires. That could be particularly handy when it comes to keeping your camp lit at night though, as we mentioned, it will alert cannibals to your location.

But at the moment, the answer to can you build a big bonfire in Sons of the Forest is a resounding no.

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