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Sons of the Forest

Can You Build a Boat in Sons of the Forest?

The Forest lets you craft a raft and float around the island, but can you do the same with its sequel? Can you build a boat in Sons of the Forest?

The island Sons of the Forest strands you on is bigger than The Forest’s, so it’d be handy if you could get around on that way. Besides which, being on the water helps put you out of the reach of the cannibals and mutants. We’ve yet to see one swim, that’s for sure. So can you build a boat in Sons of the Forest?

Unfortunately no, you can’t build a boat in Sons of the Forest, though that could change in the future. The game is currently in Steam Early Access so it’s not feature complete. You can build a boathouse on the edge of the water but actually crafting a boat isn’t possible.

There are quite a few features that were present in The Forest that haven’t yet made it into Sons of the Forest. For a start, there are no raincatchers or stone walls. Developer Endnight Games has said it won’t be recycling old features but may add them if there’s enough demand.

So we have our fingers cross that such a feature is added later. But, right now, the answer to can you build a boat in Sons of the Forest is no.

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