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Can You Clear the Helicopter Wreckage in Sons of the Forest?

Sons of Forest Helicopter

Sons of the Forest begins with your helicopter crashing, scattering equipment and wreckage over your starting area. But can you clear this wreckage?

The starting zone of Sons of the Forest is often covered in wreckage. There are several potential starting areas, which are selected at random. You could end up on the beach, for example, or in snow-capped mountains. But hit the land and you’ll have broken chunks of the helicopter around you.

So what if you want to build things in this zone? Can you get rid of the helicopter’s wreckage? Maybe Kelvin can help you clear the rotors and shove the broken cockpit out of the way?

Unfortunately, no. There is no way to clear the helicopter wreckage in Sons of the Forest. You can ask Kelvin to clear an area but all he ever does is clear out trees, bushes and so forth. He will leave the wreckage untouched.

Also, attempting to build on the wreckage doesn’t make it disappear either. We’ve seen some survival games where putting down a structure clears the whole foundation area. But in Sons of the Forest, the wreckage will remain and you’ll get a red “not here” circle if you attempt to put a log down on it.

It’s fine to want to build near the crash site. We did much the same in the original The Forest. Plus, the chunk of the plane was great for hiding inside. But in this case, we’d recommend you just move a bit further away and build there.

So, on the topic of clearing the helicopter wreckage, the answer is that you can’t. Sorry.

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