Can You Cook Using a Camping Stove in Sons of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest Camping Stove

Exploring Sons of the Forest you’ll come across abandoned camps, some with camping stoves. But can you cook using a camping stove in Sons of the Forest?

Cooking your food in Sons of the Forest gives you more energy, but can you cook it using  camping stove? That’s what you might be wondering if you’ve found some of the game’s abandoned and/or bloodied camps. Here’s the answer.

You can’t cook using camping stoves in Sons of the Forest, you can only cook using wood fires. You also can’t pick up the stoves, but you can use them for something else if you’re being attacked near a stove.

The stoves run on gas and if you pierce the stove, whether that’s with a bullet, spear tip or so forth, they’ll explode violently. If you’re standing next to one it’ll wipe out at least half your energy bar. Yes, we did try stabbing one with a spear just to see what would happen – it wasn’t our proudest gaming moment.

So, if cannibals or mutants are attacking you and you can lead them near a camp, do so. Then, with a gun, thrown spear or so forth, get them close to a camping stove and piece it. There’ll be pleasingly noisy explosion and they’ll damage damage and maybe even die.

So, no you, can’t cook using a camping stove in Sons of the Forest but you can use them to blow things up. And that’s your answer.

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