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Sons of the Forest Snow

Can You Get Rid of Snow in Sons of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest has you dealing with cannibals and mutants but, when winter rolls in, there’s also the freezing cold. So is there any way to get rid of snow?

The freezing cold isn’t the only reason you might want to get shot of Sons of the Forest’s snow. It can make it hard to find items on the ground, and you end up fumbling around in the cold and wet stuff. So can you get rid of snow in Sons of the Forest? Here’s the answer.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to get rid of snow in Sons of the Forest. When winter rolls around it’s there. You can’t melt it, there’s no craftable snowblower or so on. You’re stuck with it.

But.. hang on a minute, what if you build something after winter? That won’t work either. If you’re building a bridge, as we were, and you add fresh logs, those logs will have no snow on them. But, a little later, you’ll find they’re now snow covered.

The good news is that freezing won’t kill you, it’ll just sap your stamina. But if you’re looking to clear whole areas of snow, that’s not an option. On the topic of can you get rid of snow i Sons of the Forest, the answer is no.

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