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Can you play Sons of the Forest in third person?

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest has you viewing the action in first person, which is handy when you’re taking on foes. But can you also play it in third person?

After all, it pits you against all sorts of enemies who, when they get up close and personal, can easily divorce your head from your shoulders. Seeing events from a little further away could give you an edge. So is it possible to play Sons of the Forest in third person? Here’s the answer.

You can play Sons of the Forest in third person but it requires a mod and it looks a little weird. With this mod, it’s a little easier to see enemies creeping up behind you. But Endnight didn’t intend for you to view your own character that way.

So, if you download this camera mod you’ll be able to watch your character from the outside. However, you’ll notice two things. Firstly, you’re missing a head and secondly, the player animations look off.

There’s a reason for that. Your animations are meant to look just right in first person. When you’re playing Sons of the Forest in multiplayer and you look at other players, you’re not seeing what they’re seeing. Instead, the game uses a different model to represent them. That’s not happening here.

So, you can play Sons of the Forest in third person if you use a mod, if you’re prepared for how off it’s going to look.

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