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Can You Remote Detonate C4 in Sons of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest doesn’t feature an awful lot guns but you’ll find C4 just left in equipment cases. So can you remote detonate C4 in this game?

We’re not kidding, either – Sons of the Forest, as much as we love it, is ridiculously low on guns.  It seems as if no-one in the opening scene’s helicopters brought a gun. But there is more than enough C4 to go around. So can you remote detonate C4 in Sons of the Forest?

You can’t remote detonate C4 in Sons of the Forest but you can make it into a time bomb. So, no if you’re planning on putting down C4 blocks and then blowing them up when enemies wander in you’re out of luck. That’s not an option.

What you can do is craft C4 into a time bomb using these resources. C4, as just a block, is useless so you’ll need to craft it. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A watch
  • A wire
  • A roll of tape
  • A circuit board
  • A C4 brick
  • Five coins

You can find all these parts by rummaging through cases and also get a circuit board by smashing radios. Once you’ve crafted one, you can use it to blow up enemies who get close enough when it blows up.

However, that’s a matter of timing – as for remote detonating, you can’t. And, like its real world counterpart, it can’t be detonated with a gunshot. So you can build a time bomb with C4 but you can’t remote detonate it in Sons of the Forest.

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