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Colony Sim Ascent of Ashes Brings the Gloom Later This Year

Ascent of Ashes

Ascent of Ashes, arriving later this year, promises misery, gunplay and more misery.

That’s not to say Ascent of Ashes as a whole will be a miserable experience, we have our fingers crossed it turns out to be a real treat. But developer Vivid Storm Interactive and publisher Camlann Games have made it pretty clear your colonists are in for a tough time.

Vivid Storm are responsible for Rimworld’s Combat Extended combat overhaul mod and are using some of that knowledge to create their new game. Rimworld is, like Ascent of Ashes, a colony sim, though the latter looks to be a smaller, more intimate experience.

There’ll be plenty of combat – the world your colonists have made their home is not a hospitable place. But no-one said colonisation was easy so you’ll have to juggle real-time combat with colony management.

You’ll also get to drive around this strange, unfriendly world. That might sound like it’s going to make things too easy. But when you factor in what can go wrong with an off-road vehicle, it might be only marginally better than walking.

Vivid Storm and Camlann boast that it’s “..for modders, by modders,” and will support mods from the day of release. So we’re looking forward to every single one of our survivors being Macho Man Randy Savage.

Ascent of Ashes will arrive in Q4 2023, and you can wishlist it right now on Steam. Or if you want to keep yourself up to date about developments, you can join the game’s official Discord.

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