Dead by Daylight is Becoming a Blumhouse Movie

Dead by Daylight is getting turned into a movie and it may not be awful.

Asymmetric stalk-and-slash game sees your protagonists being pursued by one of multiple killers, co-operating in an effort to escape alive. Now, thanks to studios Blumhouse and Atomic Monster, Dead by Daylight is becoming a movie. That’s good news, right?

It all depends on how it’s handled. The worst thing that could happen would be for the movie to take one, maybe two killers and stick with that. We’ve had plenty of middling slash movies and Freddy vs Jason already has killer vs killer covered.

What we want to see is something along the lines of the end of Cabin in the Woods – multiple killers on the rampage, total chaos and lots and lots of blood. Neither Atomic Monster or Blumhouse have explained exactly how they’re going to bring the game to the screen.

They have, however, both explained they’re keen to do the games justice. Developer Behaviour Interactive also seems enthusiastic, stating that:

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to work with Jason Blum and James Wan, two giants of the horror film industry, to further expand the Dead by Daylight universe.”

What we probably won’t get is any of the game’s guest killers. Michael Myers and Pinhead both feature in game but our money’s on the movie sticking with the game’s normal roster. The studios are currently searching for a director and screenwriter, so it’s early days for the Dead by Daylight movie.

But fingers crossed, a few years from now we might have another good video game movie. Just don’t tell Chris Pratt.

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