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Hotel Renovator

Does Hotel Renovator Have Co-op or Multiplayer Features?

If you’re contemplating picking up Hotel Renovator, you might want to know if it has any multiplayer or co-op features. Well, does it?

Out now on PC, Hotel Renovator is a simulation game all about, well, renovating hotels. You’ll be let loose with your own creativity to bring a run-down hotel back to life by updating all of its bedrooms, lobby and common areas. There’s a huge amount of furnishings and decoration tools available, allowing you to get truly imaginative with your designs. But can you let your creativity loose with a friend in tow? In other words, does Hotel Renovator have any co-op or multiplayer features?

The answer is no, Hotel Renovator has no co-op or multiplayer features – it’s a solely single-player experience. So if you were hoping to renovate a hotel with a friend’s help, we’re afraid that’s not going to happen.

However, all isn’t lost. If you’re a fan of local co-op, you can easily have a friend assist on the same screen, helping you pick out the best colours and furnishings for your rooms. After all, a second pair of eyes is never a bad thing when it comes to choosing decor.

But when it comes to online play, we’re afraid you’re going to have to tackle this one alone.

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