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Sons of the Forest

Does Sons of the Forest Have an Ending?

Are you playing Sons of the Forest and wondering if there’s a proper ending? Read on.

Sons of the Forest is very much an Early Access game. Yes, it’s currently in Steam Early Access which is the big clue but, compared to the original The Forest you can tell there’s things that game had that Sons of the Forest doesn’t. But does it have an ending of any kind?

The answer is yes – sort of. Sons of the Forest does have an ending but it feels incomplete. There’s one ending with two choices you can make, though those choices are less dramatic than The Forest’s.

However, while the ending resolves your face, it leaves an awful lot out. You’ll be scratching your head wondering if you’ve missed a bunch of cutscenes. You’ve not missed them, they’re not just in there yet.

Developer Endnight hasn’t officially clarified what additional story content is coming, mainly because it’s still early days for the game. Nor did they promise this Steam Early Access version would be story complete.

But right now, watching the ending, it’s as if you’ve skipped through a load of chapters watching a Blu-Ray. And, while we encourage you to explore, we’re not convinced it’s worth trying for the ending just yet.

So, Sons of the Forest does have an ending, with two choices. But it feels incomplete so don’t plan on playing it for the story. You can check out our impressions of the Early Access version here.

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