Does Sons of the Forest Have Crossplay?

Sons of the Forest

Are you on the fence about Sons of the Forest, wondering if it has crossplay? Here’s what you need to know.

Early access survival game Sons of the Forest has sold millions of copies and its popularity shows little sign of diminishing. But does it support crossplay? If you’re thinking about snapping it up, that could well be important to you.

The answer is that, no, Sons of the Forest does not support crossplay because right now it’s only on PC. It’s also only available via Steam Early Access, not the Epic Games Store, so there’s no need to worry about interplay between those two storefronts.

What about the future, though? The Forest eventually came to PlayStation as well as PC. Developer Endnight Games has stated there aren’t any plans for a console version as yet, but it seems likely that could change down the line.

Unfortunately, we wouldn’t bank on getting crossplay even then. The Forest does not support crossplay, five years after its initial launch. Crossplay tends to happen when a game is released on multiple platforms simultaneously, but that’s not the case here.

So, Sons of the Forest doesn’t support crossplay  because it’s only on PC. And we wouldn’t count on it getting crossplay if it does eventually come to consoles.

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