Does The Wreck Have Multiple Endings?

The Wreck is an interactive drama that sees you dealing with a lot of tough choices. But does The Wreck have multiple endings?

We’re not going to spoil The Wreck’s story but there’s a lot of back and forth about the decisions characters – yours and others – have made. And, during the course of the game, you get the chance to revisit those decisions. But does The Wreck actually have multiple endings?

The Wreck does have a multiple-choice ending but you don’t get to see the consequences of you final decision. Again, we’re steering clear of spoilers here but you’re presented with a really weighty dilemma, with three possible decisions.

If you choose Option A, your character will talk about why she – or you – made that decisions. She’ll then mull over the possible long-term consequences. The credits will then roll, leaving you to imagine how it actually panned out.

You have the option to switch between decisions before making your “final” choice. Also, you don’t have to replay the whole game to pick a different choice. But it’s left up to you to imagine how it affected not only your life but the life of others.

So, The Wreck does have multiple endings but they only differ in terms of the main character’s narration. And if you want to know why you should play The Wreck, read our review here.