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Doggo-Assisted Adventure Bilkins’ Folly Comes to PC and Console This Year

Bilkins' Folly

Bilkins’ Folly, arriving this year on PC and console, should be a wholesome treasure-hunting adventure with your dog.

We say should, because we’ve played enough games to know that there’s always the possibility of Bilkins’ Folly having a sinister late-game twist. Maybe it turns out that the dog is an alien parasite controlling the boy, or something along those lines. We still remember the ending of A Boy and His Dog, which was one hell of a twist.

From developer Webbysoft and publisher Armor Games, it casts you as treasure hunter Percy Bilkins, whose family disappeared years ago. He’s the digging-things-up variety of treasure hunter, not the Nathan Drake shoot-people-in-the-face type.

But, aside from having lost his family, he’s also now gone and lost his crew, the careless so-and-so. It’s up to you to reunite with the latter and uncover all the treasure you can. There are puzzles to solve and even treasure hunting contests to enter, which sounds not unlike Cadbury’s infamous 1983 competition.

So where does your dog come in? Apart from having a nose for treasure, he can learn new treasure-hunting tricks and will remain with you throughout your quest. What’s the betting there’s an ending where Percy learns what’s really important in life?

The game was originally set for a PC only release but is now coming to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, some time later this year. You can wishlist Bilkins’ Folly on Steam and check out the trailer above. And if you’ve got your own dog, give them a big hug from us.

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