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E3 2023 Cancelled

E3 2023 Has Been Cancelled and its Future is Uncertain

E3 2023 has been cancelled and the future of the event is uncertain.

The cancellation of E3 2023 doesn’t necessarily mean that the event is dead forever, but it’s not a good sign. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft had all declined to be part of the event, which didn’t do it any favours.

However Ubisoft, who were going to participate, also pulled out, just under a week ago. There’d already been rumblings that the show, the first physical E3 event since 2023 was in trouble but, yesterday, IGN broke the news that would be participants had been informed of its cancellation.

Now, organiser ReedPop has officially confirmed the cancellation, stating:

“.. E3 2023 will not take place as scheduled this June, with both physical and digital events canceled. Alongside the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), both parties will re-evaluate the future of E3.”

Essentially, it’s been cancelled due to a lack of interest. It was going to be the show’s big comeback, after previous E3s either went digital or were cancelled altogether. However, it’s unclear if the event will continue next year – the longer it’s away, the harder it’s going to be for it to prove its relevance.

The show was also ReedPop’s first, er, pop at organising the event. The company, which owns Gamer Network, has put on many, many other events. But you can bet that, internally, there are debates going to as to whether it’s worth the trouble.

We’ll let you know if we hear more but for now this June’s E3 2023 is a no-go.

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