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Final Fantasy XIV Puma

Final Fantasy XIV Online is Getting Its Own Line of Puma Clothing

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Final Fantasy XIV, the ridiculously popular MMORPG is becoming a clothing line, courtesy of Puma.

The Final Fantasy XIV clothing range, a collaboration between Puma and Square Enix, is to celebrate the game’s tenth anniversary. It’s set to go on sale shortly, landing in Puma stores and on their website this March 15th. That’s outside the US, anyway – it won’t hit the US till March 25th.

So what kind of duds will be available? Unfortunately, there’s no sign of fluffy Moogle slippers, which is a shocking oversight on Puma and Square Enix’s part. But there will be sneakers, T-Shirts, hoodies, bucket hats and more.

And the price? It’s about where we expected it to be – in other words, not  cheap. The “PUMA x FINAL FANTASY XIV Court Rider Chaos Basketball Sneakers” are $110, and the sweatpants are $70. At least, that’s the price they’re listed on the website, anyway.

However, given the game’s following it’s entirely possible that these could end up on eBay, going for silly, silly prices. There’s nothing that specifically says they’re limited but the fuss over Prime energy drink proves that people are just ridiculous. Certainly, the game’s Endwalker expansion was so popular the servers couldn’t cope.

You can check out the range of Final Fantasy XIV footwear and clothing at Puma’s website though, currently, it’s not available for order. You’ll have to wait till later this month for that.

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