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Dark Souls Remastered 2-min

The Best Games Like Dark Souls on PS4

You could quite possibly play Dark Souls and its two sequels forever and not get bored of them.

But if you are wanting to give them a rest and play something else that provides a similar challenge, you have more than a few options. Thankfully there are many games like Dark Souls on PS4. Some of them try to copy the series’ formula and change little, while others go out of their way to offer something a bit different.

We’ve assembled a list of all the best games like Dark Souls on PS4. Some of them are very similar but offer a change of scenery. Others have different mechanics but still have that Dark Souls feel. One thing is true of them all though; they all provide a great challenge. If you love Dark Souls but want something new to play, you’d be wise to give these games a go.

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1. Elden Ring

Elden Ring is chill

Developed by FromSoftware, Elden Ring could be seen as the spiritual successor to the Dark Souls series.

It takes tried and tested gameplay of Dark Souls and implants it into an open world, allowing you to explore at your leisure. But worry not: it also has legacy dungeons that are very similar in structure to those found in the Dark Souls games.

What makes Elden Ring so magical is its heightened sense of discovery. It’s always been great in Dark Souls games, but with so many nooks and crannies to explore here, each providing a worthwhile upgrade or item, it’s greater then ever before. And this is a game you can truly loose yourself in – expect to spend at least 100 hours with it unless you rush. Needless to say if you’re after the best games like Dark Souls on PS4, this is a must-have.

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2. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty review

Developed by Team Ninja, the studio behind Nioh and its sequel that you’ll also find on this list, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty takes the Dark Souls formula and adds its own spin.

It’s stage-based, for one, dropping you into various environments each with their own enemies and bosses. And then there’s the fact that the combat is much faster paced. Parrying, or deflecting enemy attacks, is pivotal to the experience, too. Unless you learn how to parry, you won’t get far in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty at all. Perhaps not even past the first real boss.

Stick with it, though, and you’ll find an engaging and rewarding game, with flashy combat that makes you feel like a badass when you emerge victorious. What might be attractive to some is that once you mastered parrying, which isn’t too hard thanks to a rather large window, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is much easier than many of the games on this list as well.

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3. The Witcher 3

Witcher 3 GOTY

If you like the tense combat of Dark Souls but also want to play something with a more straightforward narrative, you should definitely give The Witcher 3 a try.

While The Witcher 3 has *gasp* difficulty levels, crank it right up and the combat becomes challenging indeed. Like in Dark Souls, you’ll need to skilfully avoid enemy attacks, and make use buffs and debuffs if you want to give yourself more of a fighting chance. But alongside all that, there’s a beautiful world to explore, and important narrative choices to be made.

The Witcher 3 might not be as close to the Dark Souls series as some of the other games on this list, but it’s still very much worth a play.

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4. Mortal Shell

Mortal Shell 4 (1)

Want to play something like Dark Souls on PS4 that’s a little more streamlined? Mortal Shell is the game for you.

Forget gaining experience and levelling up, Mortal Shell has a simpler approach to character development and builds. Instead, your abilities are determined by the shell you inhabit, and most of these have to be found via exploration. So, you can hit like a truck if you want, but you’ll have to find the shell that allows it first. The same goes if you want to be nimble on your feet.

Whichever shell you inhabit, there’s also the question of which weapon you want to wield. These can be modified to make them stronger, too. Mortal Shell might not be as big as a Dark Souls game, then, or have quite as much character development, but its dark world and challenging combat should make it alluring for fans of the series.

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5. Remnant: From the Ashes

Remnant From the Ashes 2 (1)

If you’ve ever wondered what Dark Souls with guns would be like, you need to try Gunfire Games’ Remnant: From the Ashes.

Journeying across multiple areas to reach a mysterious tower, the enemies you face in Remnant: From the Ashes are challenging. Or at least they are in numbers, anyway. At range you’ll need to make use of firearms to dispatch them effectively, but when up close you’ll probably find that your melee weapon is more suitable. And to avoid incoming attacks you’re going to have to do some well-timed dodging.

It’s the bosses that truly test your skills, though. They’re massive, have loads of HP and perform devastating attacks. They frequently summon in fodder to make fighting them a little more tricky, too. But if you emerge victorious you’ll obtain some valuable materials that allow you to craft some interesting equipment.

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6. Nioh & Nioh 2

Nioh 1

Fast-paced and absolutely full of loot, Nioh is for Dark Souls fans who like to agonise over what gear they should equip.

Players are free to shape their character exactly how they want, and thanks to its unique stance system Nioh‘s combat is amazingly deep. Unfortunately it means that those who don’t master its complex mechanics may find themselves struggling when faced with gargantuan bosses. But those who do master Nioh‘s combat will find it to be one of the most rewarding games on PS4.

With its beautiful Japanese scenery and grotesquely demonic enemies, Nioh is one of the best games like Dark Souls currently available on PS4. A sequel is also available now that adds demonic abilities into the mix, and is better overall in our opinion.

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7. Bloodborne


Developed by FromSoftware, it should come as no surprise that PS4 exclusive Bloodborne has a hell of a lot in common with Dark Souls.

Like Dark Souls, Bloodborne is an intensely challenging game that requires patience and skill to beat. It also has a similar interconnected world, only the setting is Victorian Gothic rather than medieval. The biggest difference though is that Bloodborne pushes you to go on the offensive more. You don’t have a shield so need to rely on dodging to avoid taking damage. And if you do get hit, quickly landing a blow on an opponent restores some of the health you lost.

Many will argue that Bloodborne is the best game available on PS4. But there’s one thing that’s definite: anyone that loves Dark Souls should play it.

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8. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


Developed by the very same company as the Dark Souls games, FromSoftware, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice doesn’t fall far from the tree.

It may have a very different combat system, and you may not be able to level up your character in order to give yourself more of a fighting chance, but it still has much of the appeal of a Dark Souls game. For one, it’s got a beautiful but hostile world; one that begs to be explored but presents danger around every corner. And it has also got epic bosses that will require you to use every bit of your skill to overcome.

Whether you play it on a standard PS4 or PS4 Pro, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice looks gorgeous. Definitely pick it up if you want a game that will truly test your abilities.

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9. The Surge & The Surge 2

The Surge 0

Developed by the same company behind Lords of the Fallen, The Surge is a much better game.

Taking the Dark Souls formula and implanting it in a sci-fi setting, The Surge is easily one of the best souls-like available outside those that FromSoftware have put out. Its combat is tense and weighty, there’s a decent amount of scope for multiple character builds, and its setting is cohesive and unique. Plus, how many games let you rip off parts of your enemies so you can use them yourself? The Surge‘s futuristic setting allows that, and it’s great.

If you’re after games like Dark Souls on PS4, you really should add The Surge to your library. And if you enjoy it, The Surge 2 offers even more Souls-like action, so you’ll probably want to give that a go too.

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10. Blasphemous

Blasphemous 2 (1)

While Blasphemous is more of a Metroidvania than anything, you can tell it’s also inspired by Dark Souls.

Playing as The Penitent One, Blasphemous is as intriguing as it is punishing. You’ll make your way through atmospheric environments, avoiding perilous traps and combating vile enemies. And if you want to succeed, you need to find shrines and altars that allow you to increase your health, improve the strength of your sword, and grant you more fervour.

It’s Blasphemous‘ bosses that truly make the game worth playing though. They’re tough but fair, and often gargantuan in size. Needless to say, if the reason you like the Dark Souls series is because of its challenging boss encounters and mysterious worlds, you’ll love Blasphemous.

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11. Salt and Sanctuary & Salt and Sacrifice

Salt and Sanctuary 2

Salt and Sanctuary is Dark Souls but in 2D. It really is.

Washing up on a mysterious island after your ship is wrecked, all you can do in Salt and Sanctuary is head out and explore. You’ll soon find that the island is full of hostile creatures, however, and so your combat abilities are put to the test.

Thanks to its unique sanctuary system, a range of helpful NPCs can be summoned to help you on your adventure. And you can even play the game in local co-op if you wish. But to survive in the long-term you’re going to need to obtain stronger weapons, improve your armour, and level yourself up.

With its epic boss battles and chilling atmosphere, Salt and Sanctuary really is a game that Dark Souls fans will adore. And for those who want more, Salt and Sacrifice is the follow up that offers much of the same action but with some welcome twists.

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12. Death’s Gambit

Like Salt and Sanctuary, also found on this list, Death’s Gambit is a 2D platformer very much inspired by Dark Souls. It’s just not as good as Ska Studios’ effort though.

As the fallen warrior, Sorun, you find yourself working for Death in Death’s Gambit. And as a result of your alliance, you can’t permanently die. You’re able to return time and time again until your task is complete. In a nice touch, if a boss does best you in combat, which is highly likely, they’ll remember you when you return. They’ll complain that you just won’t die.

It doesn’t quite have the same magic that many others on this list do, but if you’re after an experience on PS4 that’s like Dark Souls but a little bit different, it’s worth checking Death’s Gambit out.

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13. Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption

Sinner (1)

Imagine a game like Dark Souls with all the exploration taken out. That’s pretty much what Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption is.

Pitting you against a number of challenging bosses, Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption tries to match the highlights of a Dark Souls game in a condensed fashion. What makes Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption more interesting, however, is that each boss demands that you make a sacrifice before taking them on. You might have to forfeit some health, for example, or your ability to use items. It adds another dimension to the gameplay, and further increases the difficulty.

Needless to say, while it lacks the exploration of a Dark Souls game, Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption is worth checking out if you want to do battle with fearsome foes as and when you want.

14. Darksiders 3

Darksiders 3-min

While the first two Darksiders games were obviously influenced by the likes of Zelda what with their puzzle-filled dungeons, Darksiders 3 is instead influenced by Dark Souls.

It has a large interconnected world, its combat is more brutal and punishing, and to upgrade your abilities you need to collect the souls of your enemies. Die, and the souls you’re carrying are forfeit unless you can make your back to your place of death safely and retrieve them.

With a range of difficulty options, you can make Darksiders 3 as easy or hard as you wish though, so all players will be able to unravel its story. And it’s worth doing, because Darksiders 3 does have an entertaining story to tell.

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