Ghostwire Tokyo is Heading to Xbox Game Pass Alongside a New Update

Ghostwire Toyko Free Update

Ghostwire Tokyo is heading to Xbox and Game Pass, after its year-long PlayStation exclusivity has expired.

Ghostwire Tokyo, which hit the PC and PlayStation 5 last year, tasks your protagonist with ghostbusting their way round part of the city. That’s ghostbusting with a lower g – there aren’t any proton pack in evidence but your character has their own anti-spook arsenal.

Now, after its console exclusivity period has expired it’s coming to Xbox Series X|S and it’s also landing on PC and Xbox Game Pass. Should you care? Absolutely. In our review, we awarded an 8 out of 10, remarking that “.. it may feel like virtual tourism during a cataclysmic event at times, but that’s the charm of it.”

However, the Xbox release isn’t the only big Ghostwire Tokyo news. The same day that the game launches, a big, free update will hit all platforms. The update, dubbed the Spider’s Thread update, adds a new linear game mode, extra main game locations and new talisman.

Photo mode will also get a boost, if snapping spooks is your thing. And even if you’re not after photographing ghosts, the game’s scenery is pretty gorgeous, in a spooky, moody kind of way.

Ghostwire Tokyo arrives on Xbox Series X|S this April 12th, alongside the update. It will be available on Game Pass you’ll also be able to purchase it outright for $59.99/£59.99. If you’ve got a PlayStation Plus account you can also try a PlayStation 5 demo right now.

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