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Green Hell Has a New Roadmap With Incoming PC and Console Updates

Green Hell

Green Hell, a jungle survival game that features some rather nasty illnesses, has a new road map.

Sure, Sons of the Forest can be tough but Green Hell has you picking worms out of your arms with a bone needle. And now, as revealed by developer Creepy Jar’s latest road map, there’s more on the way for this jungle survival game.

More worms? Hopefully not, but the extra content should distract you from the game’s nightmare parasites. The road map doesn’t feature any specific dates, but these are the updates that on the way.


  • Storage & Transportation
  • Combat Update
  • New Animals


  • Animal Husbandry
  • Building Update

You might have spotted that’s there’s a bit of a discrepancy going on there. Why is the PC version getting different updates from the console version? The reason is that the PC version is ahead of the console release, not least because the game launched first on console.

So the building update and animal husbandry updates are already on PC. Its the console version that’s catching up the PC version. That’s a little disappointing but even without these updates, Green Hell is a lot of fun, wrist-worms and all.

If you’ve not played Green Hell, it’s available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. There’s also VR and Nintendo Switch version available, though each of these are handled by different companies. If you do want to dive into the Switch version it’s a ridiculous 90% off on the eShop right now, making it just £2.24.

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