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HBO’s The Last of Us Will Split the Second Game into At Least Two Seasons

The Last of Us HBO Show

HBO’s The Last of Us first season may have covered the first game but that won’t be the case for season two.

Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, co-creators of The Last of Us show have confirmed that season two will only cover part of the second game. Speaking to GQ, the pair confirmed that The Last of Us Part II is too big for one single season though they didn’t confirm whether it’d take up two seasons or even three.

The game is another ten hours or so longer than the original, plus it splits its time between two protagonists. We’re definitely curious as to how the show will handle the last bit of the game. As much as we loved the second game, it felt like the whole Rattlers chapter should have been DLC. There’s a point at which you think the game is going to end, but then it keeps going.

So, when it comes to the show, we can well imagine it ending before that particular encounter. Throw in some more Bill and Frank-style episodes and you’ve easily got enough material for two seasons.

The interview also reveals that the show could have had a slightly different ending. No, not the dance-off we’ve been craving but, according to Druckmann, it originally had “..the two of them walking, not really together but apart, down towards Jackson. It lingers and then fades.”

On other words, it made it more apparent that Joel’s actions had damaged the relationship between the two. In the game that’s far less obvious and not really played upon until the second game.

So when can we expect season 2? Not this year, that’s for sure. It may even be 2025 before it arrives. But with season 1’s finale in the can, if you’ve yet to watch the show now’s your chance to go right ahead and binge-watch it.

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