How to Build Bridges in Anno 1800 Console Edition

Anno 1800

Wondering how to build bridges in Anno 1800 Console Edition? We got stumped doing this simple task, too. Here’s what you need to know.

Chances are, you’ll need to build lots of bridges while playing Anno 1800 Console Edition. The land you’re occupying will be separated by rivers and waterways, and so to reach necessary landmarks and facilities, you’ll need to allow people and vehicles to pass over water. That means building bridges.

To build a bridge in Anno 1800 Console Edition, simply drag a road from one side of the river to the other. It really is as simple as that. However, until the path is complete, it will show up as red, indicating “you can’t build here!”. That’s simply because you can’t have half a bridge that ends in the middle of a river. But once you’ve dragged a path to the other side of the river, it’ll stop showing as red, allowing you to place a bridge.

You’ll also need to ensure there’s a clear path. Perhaps rocks might be blocking one side of the river, which means your bridge won’t be able to be completed. But as long as both sides of the river are clear, you’ll have no problem laying a path.

A dirt path over a river in Anno 1800 is fine too, but you’ll need to have timber/planks in stock to build the bridge as it’ll be a wooden construction.

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