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Sons of the Forest Build on Water

How to Build on Water in Sons of the Forest

Want to craft your own “floating” home? Here’s how to build on water in Sons of the Forest.

If you’re disappointed that Sons of the Forest doesn’t have a boat, building on water is the next best thing and we’ll show you how. There’s a good reason we’ve put floating in quotation marks – because it’s not, technically, floating. But to the naked eye it looks much the same.

You can build on ice in winter in Sons of the Forest and then, when the water thaws, your structure will remain. Here’s what to do. First, wait for winter, and find a lake or part of a lake that’s frozen over. Not all bodies of water will freeze over, all you can do is poke around for one. Then, once you’ve done that, start building.

How do you do that? Go about it manually, putting down one log, then another, then another, then another. Next, get to building the floor and so on – basically, it’s exactly the same as building on land.

One word of warning, though – it’s a good idea to also build a walkway to the shore or, at least, set up a zipline to the structure. Why? Because when the ice defrosts, you’ll find it hard to just push yourself up to the floor. It’s far easier to jump down or zipline down.

And, defrosting is the key. Once your structure is done you’ll have to wait till Spring, when the ice thaws. You may also have to sleep and/or go for a walk then come back. When the ice is melted, the structure will remain.

And that’s how to build on water in Sons of the Forest. Enjoy!

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