How to Carry an Opponent in WWE 2K23

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Want your opponent on the outside of the outside of the ring? Why not carry them before throwing them out?

As you play WWE 2K23, you might sometimes wish to carry your opponent for one reason or another. Throwing them out of the ring is one. And equally fun is slamming them down on a table you’ve placed somewhere. But how do you carry an opponent in WWE 2K23?

To carry an opponent in WWE 2K23, you generally first need to grapple them (circle button on PlayStation, B button on Xbox). Once you’ve got a grip on your opponent, you then simply need to press the right shoulder button to pick them up and carry them about. You can also sometimes lift opponents up mid-move by pressing the right shoulder button, too.

Once you’re carrying an opponent, you can use the right analogue stick to change their position. You can also press and hold the standard attack button when near an object to perform a contextual attack, or press the heavy attack button to perform a grapple move. To throw your opponent over the ropes to the ringside, approach the ropes while you’re carrying them, and then press the grapple button again.

Just be aware that you’re not going to be able to carry an opponent about forever. So, once you’ve picked them up, it’s best to be quick about getting them where you want to be. Otherwise, they might break free and get back in the fight.

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