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Deceive Inc Holo Disguise

How to Disguise Yourself as Objects in Deceive Inc

Wondering how to disguise yourself as objects in Deceive Inc.? Here’s what you need to know.

Deceive Inc is fun when you’re pretending to be an NPC, but to take things to the next level you need to disguise yourself as a chair or a water cooler. So how do you go about that? Here’s what you need to know about disguising yourself as an object in Deceive Inc.

You can play with object disguises in training mode in Deceive Inc, but you need to be level 5 to use them in a match. If you want to be able to disguise yourself as an object in a match, you need to do two things.

Firstly, you need to have hit level 5. Secondly, you need to go the loadout screen and select the holo-mimic in the deception tool box-out. You’ll need to click on one of your existing Deception Tools and then swap it for the holo-mimic, the box icon.

If the holo-mimic icon is locked you haven’t hit level 5 yet, which you do by playing more and more matches, getting more XP for winning. Though if you do want to try it out you can also go into training mode.

So, whether you’re in training mode or a level 5 player, enter a match/map and select your holo-mimic tool. Then, go to an object that’s mimicable. You can tell which these are because when your tools out, each will have the same box icon over it.

Then, go up to it, use scan and you will store the image in your tool. You can only store one image and whenever you start a match the tool is empty, though you can scan new items any time. Now, hit mimic to mimic the item. Hey presto, that’s it. Easy, eh?

Not quite. There are a few snags. Yes, you can move while disguised which is very handy. But don’t let anyone see it or your fellow players will know it’s you. Also, attempting to jump will break the disguise. So will falling off things, or getting attacked.

But once you’ve earned the right to use it, you should absolutely put it to good use. And that’s how to disguise yourself as objects in Deceive Inc.

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