How to Drag an Opponent in WWE 2K23

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If you’re playing WWE 2K23, chances are you’re going to want to drag an opponent at some point.

You might want to drag a downed opponent away from the ropes, for example, so that you can pin them and hopefully win. Or you might want to drag either a standing or downed opponent to set up a punishing attack. But the question is: how do you drag an opponent in WWE 2K23?

Dragging an opponent in WWE 2K23 is easy when you know how. All you have to do, whether your opponent is standing or on the ground, is initiate a grapple (circle button on PlayStation, B button on Xbox), and then when you’ve got a hold of your opponent, press the left shoulder button. You’re then able to drag your opponent around for a short while. Press the left shoulder button again, and you’ll let go.

How long you can drag an opponent for depends on multiple factors. For one, you can drag an opponent for longer when they’re on the ground. How tired your opponent is also has an effect. And don’t forget that your opponent can try to break out of your grapple, so watch out for that. In any case, when dragging an opponent, it’s best to be concise about it.

There’s one thing for sure, though: dragging an opponent can lead to very good results. Use it to your advantage, and you’ll be the champ in no time.

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