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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty review

How to Get Tiger Seals in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

As you make your way through Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you might need some help.

In most stages you’ll have an AI companion in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, giving you a little bit of back up when things get tough. Sometimes you might want to play alongside friends or strangers, however – they’re probably more useful than AI, after all. And did you know that you can have up to two companions at any one time? That means even if you want to play alone there’s scope for adding another AI controlled character to your party. The only problem is that to do so you need Tiger Seals, and you might be wondering how to get them.

A Tiger Seal is required each time you want to invite a player to join you, or when you summon an AI controlled character. And so, if you don’t have any Tiger Seals, you’re forced to fight alone. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to acquire Tiger Seals in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty just by playing the game. You’ll sometimes find them in chests, for example, and some enemies even drop them. You might even be rewarded them for completing stages.

In fact, it’s hard to target getting Tiger Seals in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. You’re guaranteed to get some if you can defeat an invading player, but that doesn’t happen all that often. If you’ve run out and want to amass them, you might be better off farming earlier stages using the travel feature at a Battle Flag. Find a stage with a Tiger Seal in a chest and keep replaying it.

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