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Hotel Renovator

How to Get to the Basement in Hotel Renovator

Are you wondering how to get to the basement of your hotel in Hotel Renovator? Here’s where you’ll find it.

Out now on PC, Hotel Renovator is a simulation game all about renovating a hotel that you’ve inherited from your grandpa (what else?). You’re given free reign to remodel all of the hotel rooms, the lobby, and other common areas. It’s a whole lot of fun, if we’re being honest. If you’re playing in the game’s career mode, you’ll have to follow through a series of tasks. And, early in in Hotel Renovator, you’ll be tasked with heading down into the hotel’s basement. But just where do you find it?

You’d think that your elevator might take you down to the basement, but in there you won’t find a ‘B’ button or any sub-levels beyond the lobby. Indeed, the lobby is where you need to go to find the basement in Hotel Renovator. From there, head to the door behind the main desk: that’s your grandfather’s old office.

Once you’re in the office, you’ll find a second door. Head through there and you’ll see a set of stairs. And that’s it – head down there, and that’s the basement of your hotel.

Do you need to renovate the basement? That’s up to you. You’ll need to visit it every so often to complete the story, but there’s no real need to give it a full makeover.

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