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How to Move Buildings in Anno 1800 Console Edition

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Have you accidentally placed something down in the wrong spot? Here’s how to move buildings in Anno 1800 Console Edition.

It’s all too easy to place a building down in the wrong spot. Perhaps you wanted a very nice, neat row of Farmers’ Residences, but your finger slipped and now one’s out of line with the others. Bugger. But don’t worry: it’s just as easy to pick up a building to replace it somewhere else. If you want to move buildings in Anno 1800 Console Edition, it’s just a menu click away.

You’ll find the option to move buildings in the tools menu of Anno 1800 Console Edition. Simply press L2/LT to bring it up. Once you’ve pressed L2/LT, you can use the left thumbstick to navigate the menu wheel. You’re looking for the hand tool.

Once you’ve selected it, you need to select the building in your town that you want to move. To select a building, press X (or A on an Xbox controller). You’ll then need to select a space to move it to. Ensure the space is clear: if you can’t place it, the building will be outlined in red. If there are no obstacles, simply press X/A again to place your building.

And that’s it: it’s very simple to relocate buildings in Anno 1800 Console Edition. You can move anything at any time, and it doesn’t cost you any building materials or money.

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