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Sons of the Forest Logs Zipline

How to Move Logs in Sons of the Forest

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Wondering how to move logs in Sons of the Forest? Here’s what you need to know.

The most important thing to understand about shifting the logs you’ve cut down is that there is no log sled in Sons of the Forest. Yes, the original The Forest had one. But given that the game is Steam Early Access it’s not feature complete. Could a log sled be added later? It’s possible but not confirmed.

Instead, a zip line is a great way of moving logs quickly from point A to point B in Sons of the Forest. No, the game doesn’t just tell you this, but you can take a log and put it on a zipline. It’ll then zoom down to where the zipline ends.

You’ll need to have found the zipline gun but once you have it you can set up a zipline from one location to another and fire logs that way. But what if you don’t have the gun yet? That’s where Plan Kelvin comes in.

Whatever you’re building, get Kelvin to harvest logs from higher ground and make the drop point at the top of a hill. Then, the logs should tumble down, where you can pick them up. You can also transport them yourself but the bigger your structure the more of a pain that will be.

So, until Endnight Games adds a log sled the best way to move logs in Sons of the Forest is to use a zipline. And that’s all you need to know.

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