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How to Save Your Game in Hotel Renovator

Hotel Renovator

Are you unsure of how to save your game in Hotel Renovator? Don’t worry: here’s everything you need to know.

Out now on PC, Hotel Renovator sees you, well, renovating a hotel. You’ll need to strip every room before decorating it in your choice of decor, and it lets you run free with your creative ideas and visions. As you’d imagine, renovating a room is hard work, and so you don’t want to lose any progress. It’s important, then, that you save your game regularly in Hotel Renovator. But how?

Here’s the bad news. There’s currently no manual save options in Hotel Renovator. That means you simply cannot go into the options and choose ‘save’ or ‘save and quit’. Don’t worry too much, though: the game has a robust autosave function.

We’re not sure exactly when the autosave function kicks in, but it seems to be very often. When it comes to quitting the game, you’ll be pleased to know that your progress will be saved exactly where you are. So whether you’ve just finished renovating a room or you’re half way through, you can pick up exactly where you left off.

And that’s all there is to it. Yes, it’s frustrating that you can’t simply hit a ‘save’ button for your own peace of mind. But you can rely on the autosave function to save your game in Hotel Renovator every time you need to quit.

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