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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty review

How to Save Your Game in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Aside from being a fairly lengthy game, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is tough, too.

Make your way through it and you’ll find that it has many stages to beat, with some taking multiple hours to complete. And so, from time to time you’re going to want to quit the game mid-stage. What you won’t want to do, however, is lose any progress, because that’s not fun at all. The good news is that if you learn how how to save your game in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, that shouldn’t happen.

To save your game in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you need to interact with a Battle Flag. You’ll plant these yourself at preset points in each stage, and they not only provide you with a place to save your game, but also have multiple services you can use. Keep an eye out for pedestals where you can lay down a Battle Flag, and achieving success in any stage will be a little easier.

If you quit Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty in the middle of a stage, even by selecting the return to main menu option, when you next return you’ll be placed at the last Battle Flag you interacted with, along with all the items etc. that you had at that point. So, make sure to quit the game after you’ve just interacted with a Battle Flag to make sure you don’t lose any progress, even if it means backtracking a little.

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