How to Unlock Characters in WWE 2K23

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When you first start playing WWE 2K23, you might be disappointed to find that your favourite wrestler isn’t available for use.

While WWE 2K23 has a huge roster of playable characters, many of them aren’t available for use from the outset. To play as classic characters like The Rock, The Undertaker, Diesel, and a whole lot more, you need to unlock them first. And so, you might be wondering: how do you unlock characters in WWE 2K23?

To unlock characters in WWE 2K23, you generally need VC. This virtual currency can be earned by simply playing the game. But of course, it can also be purchased with real money. Once you have some VC, you can head on over to the in-game store and unlock new characters with it. There are 59 characters to unlock this way overall, and each one costs 1,000 VC. So, you’ll need 59,000 VC to unlock them all.

If you are thinking about buying VC to unlock some characters, consider buying the Supercharger DLC instead. It allows you to easily unlock all characters you can purchase via VC for a fairly low price. Though watch out: the Supercharger DLC is included in the season pass for WWE 2K23, which is included in the Deluxe and Icon edition. You don’t want to buy it twice by mistake.

Outside of the store, there are some other characters you can unlock as well. Completing challenges in Showcase mode allows you to unlock lots of character variants. Making your way through MyRise, on the other hand, allows you to unlock Mighty Molly, Jean-Paul Levesque, and if you’re lucky, Ezekiel.

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