How to Unlock Ezekiel in WWE 2K23

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If you’re a fan of Ezekiel, you might be disappointed that you seemingly can’t play as him in WWE 2K23.

It’s strange, because his brother Elias is in the game. Why miss him out? The good news is that Ezekiel in indeed in WWE 2K23. 2K and Visual Concepts just want to make you work to play as him. So, you’re probably wondering: how do you unlock Ezekiel in WWE 2K23?

To unlock Ezekiel in WWE 2K23, you need to play the game’s story mode, MyRise. Not only that, nut as you play through it, you need to complete enough loyalty missions to unlock John Cena’s faction. Once you’ve done that, check out his social fed and watch out for a post about Smackdown. You should see that both Elias and Ezekiel have responded to it, and that you have to the option to offer Cena your help. Do it.

After offering Cena your help, a new quest should become available called Showcase of the Immortals. Jump into this quest and you’ll find that it pits you against both Elias and Ezekiel in a 1v2 match. Beat them both and emerge victorious, and Ezekiel will be unlocked for use.

And so there you go, that’s how you unlock Ezekiel in WWE 2K23.

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