How to Upgrade Houses in Anno 1800 Console Edition

Anno 1800

Wondering how to upgrade houses and residences in Anno 1800 Console Edition? Here’s what you need to know.

If you’re just beginning a campaign inĀ Anno 1800 Console Edition, the only residential houses you can build are Farmers’ Residences. These super-basic houses will provide accommodation for the people who will tend your land and work in the earliest economies available to your settlement. Eventually, though, you’ll be able to build new types of houses, or upgrade existing ones. Here’s how to upgrade farmers houses to Workers’ Residences in Anno 1800 Console Edition.

Before you can upgrade a Farmers’ Residence, you’ll need to have satisfied all of its residents’ needs. So, click on any Farmers’ Residence by pressing X (or A if you’re using an Xbox controller) You’ll see three needs: Food, Clothes and Market. If these are all at 100%, then you can upgrade.

To upgrade, navigate the menu with the d-pad and click on the purple half-circle button with an image of a house and an arrow. It costs four planks to upgrade each building.

If your Farmers’ Residence needs aren’t at 100%, you’ll need to work on adding some new facilities to your town. You’ll need to ensure you have a good food supply, a clothes/fabric production system and access to the market.

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