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How to Use Molotovs in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest Molotovs

Wondering how to make molotov cocktails, or molotovs, in Sons of the Forest? Here’s what you need to know.

Molotov cocktails, or molotovs, are a handy way of taking out enemies in Sons of the Forest. They don’t have a great range but they’ll leave enemies burning for a while. So how do you go about making these and using them?

First, you’ll need a vodka bottle. You’ll find these scattered around the island, sometimes in suitcases. It’s just a case of rifling through boxes (don’t forget to smash coffins and crates) to you find them.

You’ll also need a piece of cloth which is found by much the same method. Right now there’s no way to make cloth so you have to find it. Then, once you’ve got both, combine them in your inventory and, hey presto, a molotov. You can make several molotovs if you so desire, one piece of cloth and one vodka bottle for each.

And then, you throw them, right? Not quite. Equip them and you’ll find that you can throw them. But if you do, they break embarrassingly, soaking your enemy in booze. What you have to do is hold down the lighter button (L on the keyboard) to light them.

The good news is that they won’t explode, you can – currently – hold them as long as you want. Then, hurl them at an enemy, trying to get the white target dot on them. And that’s how you use molotovs in Sons of the Forest.

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