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How to Use the Sledgehammer in Hotel Renovator

Hotel Renovator

Have you unlocked the sledgehammer tool in Hotel Renovator but aren’t sure how to use it? Don’t worry: here’s what you need to know.

You’ll unlock the sledgehammer tool in Hotel Renovator fairly early into your renovation journey. For us, it was after we’d renovated our first three bedrooms. The sledgehammer is essentially an upgrade to the crowbar, allowing you to demolish old furniture and remove old wall and floor coverings much more quickly and easily. But how do you use it?

To use the sledgehammer tool in Hotel Renovator, you first need to select the default destruction tool. Essentially, all destruction tools are nested together. In other words, you’ll need to select the crowbar first before you can cycle across to the sledgehammer.

If you’re using a controller, press L2/LT to bring up the tool wheel. Select the destruction tool, which is represented by a crowbar symbol. By default, it’ll equip you with the crowbar. Use left and right on your d-pad to cycle between all destruction tools. Stop when you get to the sledgehammer, and voila!

If you’re using keyboard and mouse controls, you’ll need to right click to bring up the tool wheel. Once you’re equipped with the crowbar, use Q and E on the keyboard to cycle through all tools.

With the sledgehammer equipped, you can destroy more items in one swing than you can with the crowbar. Press R2 to use it, or left-click the mouse. Holding it down will do a more powerful swing – helpful for clearing an entire wall or floor in one hit.

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