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Is Sons of the Forest a Prequel to The Forest?

Sons of the Forest Timmy Book

Sons of the Forest has been released after the original The Forest, but is it a prequel to that game?

Sons of the Forest could, potentially, be a prequel. There’s nothing to say that games have to follow on from each other chronologically. Beyond Good and Evil 2, for example, if it ever gets released, is a prequel to Beyond Good and Evil.

So, is it a prequel to The Forest? Probably not. There’s a book you can find in-game that’s written by Tim LeBlanc, who was the then-young son of the original The Forest’s protagonist. So, chronologically at least, that suggests Sons of the Forest is actually a sequel.

Why “probably”? Because it could be more complicated than that. The book in question talks about travelling between parallel universes – at least, the cover does. So it could be that, in this universe, The Forest never happened.

Instead, this game’s island, and its strange research complex, could be the only one of its kind. If developer Endnight’s original game took place in another universe, maybe that realm’s Tim LeBlanc did die.

So, no, Sons of the Forest is not a prequel to The Forest and it might not even take place in the same universe.

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