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Sons of the Forest

Is Sons of the Forest Coming to Xbox or Playstation?

Sons of the Forest is out now on PC, via Steam Early Access, but is it coming to Xbox or PlayStation?

Sons of the Forest is, right now, only on PC. Like the original The Forest, it’s begun its life as a Steam Early Access game. But The Forest eventually made its way to PlayStation 4, skipping Xbox One. So is Sons of the Forest coming to Xbox or PlayStation?

The answer, for now, is no. Developer Endnight has no plans to bring Sons of the Forest to PlayStation or Xbox. This was confirmed during a recent Q&A, where Endnight stated:

“We would be really excited to bring the game to Playstation and possibly Xbox after the Early Access period but we do not currently have any firm plans. Right now we want to just make this the best PC game we are able to.”

So, even if the game does end up on console, we won’t be seeing it until the Steam Early Access version is complete. Endnight are, rightly, concentrating on finishing it. So, while it may not be what you want to hear, there’s no console version of Sons of the Forest in the works.

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