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Kingdom Hearts LoFi – The Ocean Between is a Chilled Out Take on the Series’ Music

Kingdom Hearts LoFi

Kingdom Hearts LoFi – The Ocean Between takes the music from the long-running Kingdom Hearts RPG series and gives it a chill makeover.

The Ocean Between is actually the second Kingdom Hearts LoFi album. But don’t worry, the good news is you don’t need to have listened to the previous album or sixteen other albums to get a kick out of it.

Whereas the previous album was the work of arranger lost:tree, the arranger behind this one goes by the name of foreteller. It’s published by Curaga Records, the label behind LoFi Pokemon and other titles in the LoFi range.

It features a ten tracks from various Kingdom Hearts games, each given their own mellow spin.

  1. Simple and Clean (from “KINGDOM HEARTS“)
  2. Destiny Islands (from “KINGDOM HEARTS“)
  3. Sacred Moon (from “KINGDOM HEARTS II”)
  4. Nachtflügel (from “KINGDOM HEARTS III Re Mind”)
  5. Treasured Memories (from “KINGDOM HEARTS“)
  6. Xion’s Theme (from “KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days”)
  7. Ventus’ Theme (from “KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep”)
  8. Cavern of Remembrance (from “KINGDOM HEARTS II Final Mix”)
  9. Dark Impetus (from “KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep Final Mix”)
  10. Don’t Think Twice (from “KINGDOM HEARTS III”)

Like Curaga’s other LoFi albums, it’s a nicely relaxing listen, whether or not you’ve played every games on the album. It’s the kind of album you can put on in the background as you work or even drift off to sleep.

It’s available to purchase or stream from multiple storefronts. You can buy it digitally from Bandcamp for $10 and also, at that same site, pre-order it on CD, vinyl or tape. The physical release is also available from the Materia store here.

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