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Krafton’s PUBG: Battlegrounds 2023 Roadmap Lays Out Some Big Plans

Are you a PUBG: Battlegrounds player? Then you’ll be interested to hear that, going by its roadmap, Krafton has big plans for PUBG.

Before you start panicking, Krafton isn’t planning on crushing everything you love about PUBG: Battlegrounds. Though it’s inevitable that some people won’t be entirely happy with whatever changes come around.

Instead, going by the roadmap statement, the company is looking to overhaul this multiplayer FPS, to ensure that players remain hooked. The company plans “.. a comprehensive review of all elements in order to lay the foundation for long-term service of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS.”

So what does Krafton have on the cards? It’s early days yet, but there are some key tweaks planned. Those include:

  • A focus on Normal Match, which is the basic Battle Royale element of the game, with no special modifiers.
  • A new revive system, set to become part of Normal Match. It doesn’t guarantee you’ll rise from the dead, but the emphasis on stopping “dead” players getting bored.
  • Pickups that were only available in Normal Match are coming to Ranked mode.
  • The map rotation system will apply to Ranked and will switch maps more frequently than before.
  • Some weapons will be rebalanced.
  • There’s a new map coming, named Neon. This new map will have multiple transportation options.
  • Existing maps will be given an overhaul.
  • There’ll be a new tutorial, designed to get players onboard with all the skills they need.

You can read the full roadmap post here, but it’s clear that Krafton is making a big push to ensure the game remains both relevant and popular. PUBG’s 5th anniversary was last year and Krafton is talking about pushing on towards the 10th.

2022 and early 2023 have seen a significant number of online games shutting down, from Babylon’s Fall through to Crimesight and Knockout City. So, with this overhaul, Krafton seems to be doing its best to ensure that PUBG: Battlegrounds stays the distance.

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