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Lightyear Frontier, Set for a Spring Early Access Release, Has Been Delayed

Lightyear Frontier Preview 2

Lightyear Frontier, which sees you engaging in some mech-assisted farming, won’t be making its Spring Early Access date.

We had good things to say about Lightyear Frontier when we took it for a spin last June. We remarked that “..its colourful visuals, chill music and laid-back gameplay, we think it’ll be the perfect game to relax with after a stressful day.”

However, while it was set to hit the Xbox and PC this spring that’s now not happening. And developer Frame Break doesn’t have any news on a new release window. That doesn’t sound good but hopefully it ends up being a temporary delay.

“While we can’t commit to a launch window right now, we’ll communicate a new one as soon as we can”, the developer’s statement reads. “… we remain committed to building a thoughtfully-designed experience and continuing the conversation with our community in the process..”

Running a farm, stomping around in a mech is a pretty great set up for a game. But for now prospective Lightyear Frontier players won’t get to dive in just yet. Given that Dead Island 2 is coming out next month, ten years after it was announced, we can certainly wait for Lightyear Frontier.

In the meantime, you can wishlist the game on Steam here or check out the trailer above.

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