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Like a Dragon: Ishin! 1.04 Patch Update Lets You Get Your DLC Items Back

Like a Dragon Ishin review

If you’re miffed over losing your DLC items, the new Like a Dragon: Ishin! 1.04 patch update could be just what you need.

Sure, there are plenty of games where you can sell or ditch items, but there’s a reason this Like a Dragon: Ishin! patch update lets you get some of them back. Some weapons and items are only available by as part of a paid upgrade so if you get rid of them it might feel as if you’ve wasted your money, for that run at least.

The patch will, however, let you revisit Bakumatsu Bob and get those missing items back. We could do with that in Elden Ring, we regret selling a bunch of weapons on our first run. That’s not the only change the Like a Dragon: Ishin! 1.04 patch update makes, however.

You can find the full list of changes here but these are some of the more significant ones.

  • The issue revolving around the Kijin-maru Kunishige sword’s seven seals has been fixed, though affected items can’t be restored in your current playthrough.
  • Enemy drop rates are now higher.
  • Some floating weapons cropped up in boss battles, this has now been fixed.
  • An issue where your character sometimes wouldn’t run during chases has been fixed.
  • Characters will no longer get stuck in the Shinsengumi Barracks well (insert your own The Ring joke here).
  • Komaki Cat-Like Reflexes didn’t activate properly in all styles, that’s now been resolved.

If you’ve not played Like a Dragon: Ishin!, check out our review to find out why you should.  You can pick it up on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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