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Meet Your Maker Has a Three Month Post Launch Roadmap

Meet Your Maker

Meet Your Maker launches next week but developer Behaviour Interactive have big plans for it, as revealed by the developer’s three month roadmap.

Meet Your Maker sees you blasting your way around several post-apocalyptic outposts, then using the resources you gather to craft your own. The twist is that the outposts you raid are also the work of other players. And, as we’ve learnt from the open beta, they can be horribly, horribly devious.

The game launches next week but Behaviour have three months of content already lined up. Most of it is free though, a little cheekily, you can also pay to unlock some of it without the need to grind in-game. Meet Your Maker is a full, paid release which makes the latter seem a little suspect.

So what’s on the way? According to the roadmap you’ll be able to get your hands on the following:

  • April – a Hellscape cosmetic pack (free)
  • April/May – new mods and augments to alter the behaviour of traps and guards (free).
  • June – a major content update, including a new custodian, a new weapon, a new trap and new guard. These are free but you can pay to unlock them without having to do so in-game. There’s also a paid cosmetic pack.

Going by the open beta, the new traps and so on shouldn’t give other players an edge, but it may well given them the ability to be a little more creative, to mix things up. We’ll find out in June.

As for the game itself, it arrives on April 4th, landing on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It’s also one of next month’s PlayStation Plus monthly games.



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